Check out the Bow Bottom Community Coalitions upcoming programs and events!

Did you know that there is a Bow Bottom Community Coalition (BBCC) doing compassionate community work promoting health, wellbeing, safety, engagement and support for all, through coordinated and collaborative action? We at the BBCC are excited to be offering Summer Play, an activity camp for children ages 5 – 12 for FREE again this year. It will run for two weeks in mid-July and two weeks in mid- August and there will be a registration BBQ so stay tuned for details! For those who are looking for some summer job experience and leadership training, BBCC has a wonderful opportunity for you via junior camp counsellor training for Summer Play!  Anyone aged 14 - 18 can apply.

The BBCC’s mission is to work collaboratively within the neighbourhoods of Deer Ridge, Deer Run, and Queensland to create positive change that increases engagement and transforms communities and the health and wellbeing of residents. Efforts may be extended to surrounding and interconnected communities as needed, or where overlap between communities exists.

Another way you can get involved in your community is to drop by The Hub, located at 342 Deerpoint Gardens SE.  The Hub is intended to be a place for residents to connect with one another and get involved in community initiatives.  It is an excellent place to meet people and get engaged with your community, as well as participate in programs and sign up for community initiatives that you may be interested in.  It has a computer lab with internet access and a printer for tasks such as job searches. There is also an emergency food cupboard.

Last but not least, we are a partner in the Community Festival being held in the No Frills parking lot on Deer Ridge Drive June 30, 2019 from 10 am – 3 pm! Come join us for some family fun time and community togetherness.

You can  follow all of our news and initiatives on Facebook (search Bow Bottom Community Coalition) or visit our website at

Dagan Cardinal